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The Millennial generation is made of risk-takers, innovators, doers and creators -- and right now the region needs our help to change the story of Northeast Indiana. We are a network of Millennials (roughly between the ages 17-29) committed to this endeavor.

Our mission: To develop a community of future leaders in Northeast Indiana and create opportunities for action, growth and regional pride.

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What is the Millennial Leaders Alliance?

The Millennial Leaders Alliance (MLA) is the leadership body of Millennial 2020. Members represent one of the 10 counties in Northeast Indiana. Each member has voting privileges.

You can choose between three levels of commitment:

MLA Member
  • Attend 9 out of 12 yearly meetings
  • 2-year term limit
  • Join at least one MLA committee*
  • Attend Speed Networking & YLNI/MLA Mashup
  • 1-year commitment = 40 hours per year

MLA Committee Member*
  • Head MLA yearly projects
  • Attend 6 out of 12 yearly meetings
  • Unlimited term limit
  • Attend Speed Networking & YLNI/MLA Mashup
  • 1-year commitment = 30 hours per year

MLA Volunteer
  • Volunteer at 1 MLA event
  • Attend 1 MLA event
  • 1-year commitment = TBD (to individual’s discretion)

*MLA committees include Communications, Street Team and MYEC Mentors.

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Benefits of joining the MLA

Better your future
  • Connect with regional leaders through Speed Networking and YLNI Mentor Mashup
  • Attend leadership development training
  • Learn professional development through Northeast Indiana leaders
Community Impact
  • Contribute to your community through annual Days of Service
  • Proactively contribute to downtown Fort Wayne riverfront development via the MLA Guldlin Park project
  • Participate in Quality of Life projects that are chosen year to year by MLA
Build Connections
  • Collaborate with groups in the region
  • Be an MLA representative on the Regional Opportunities Council
  • Work with a MLA member on projects and development
Meet the current members of the Millennial Leaders Alliance.
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