Mission: To develop a community of future leaders in Northeast Indiana and create opportunities for action, growth and regional pride.

Millennial 2020 aims to further engage individuals between the ages of 17-29 by actively involving them in our regional visioning process and empowering them to change the story of Northeast Indiana.

Millennial 2020 is an extension of Vision 2020, a regional initiative stewarded by the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership working to transform the Northeast Indiana economy with priorities within the five pillars of Vision 2020.

Millennial 2020 was originally guided by the results of a 2012 survey of 2,700 Millennials in Northeast Indiana, which asked for their thoughts on the region’s greatest assets and biggest challenges.

Millennial Leaders Alliance

The Millennial Leaders Alliance (MLA) is the leadership body of Millennial 2020. The group is responsible for leading Millennial engagement through Millennial 2020.

95% of MLA members believe Northeast Indiana is a place where they can make a difference.

Join us! Applications are accepted year round.

2014 – 2015 MLA Season

The MLA kicked off its fourth year in July 2014. Returning members and new faces alike are enthusiastic to continue to provide positive life experiences for Millennials in Northeast Indiana through:

  • Speed networking with regional leaders
  • Mayor's Youth Engagement Council mentorship program (Fort Wayne)
  • MLA Street Team
  • MLA Communications Committee
  Meet the Millennials leading the MLA.


Lauren Zuber

Vision 2020 Coordinator

Sonya Snellenberger

Millennial 2020 Specialist

Visit our blog to read about projects and programs that Millennials are engaged in-- around the region and around the country!